Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

2000, Government 政府建築

175 Tung Hei Road

Architect Firm: 建築署 Architectural Services Department

Is turning a heritage site with historical value into a museum a desirable form of revitalisation? The military facility situated at the headland of Lei Yue Mun was built in late nineteenth century. Designed and constructed by the Royal Engineers, the site included batteries, magazines and passages for coastal defense. The challenge of transforming this site into a modern museum is whether or not one can bring forth the display of man and things about a war in an enclosed and concealed site.

The design team with Architectural Services Department were tasked to meet this challenge and to design the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense. The museum was completed in 2000 and was honoured with Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Award. The most unforgettable feature of the museum is the giant tensile structure that covers the redoubt. One must visit the site in person to experience the impactful contrast between the old and new structures.

把富歷史意義的遺蹟改成博物館,是活用資源的靈丹妙藥? 選址在鯉魚門岬角的軍事設施,建於十九世紀末,由英國皇家工程兵設計和建造,包括炮台,彈藥庫,通道等,用於抵禦槍炮。但隱閉的結構,如何能滿足現代博物館的要求?並展示戰爭的人和事,要符合南轅北轍的素求,是建築署設計團隊的挑戰, 也是香港海防博物館的使命。在2000年完成的展館,榮獲香港建築師學會周年大獎,最令人難忘的就是採用巨型帳篷遮蓋主堡壘。要感受亦新亦舊的對比,非動身去看看不可。

文:李培基 (香港註冊建築師)