HSBC Main Building

1985, Commercial 商業建築

1 Queen's Road Central

Architect: 霍朗明 Norman Foster
Architect Firm: Foster & Partners

Completed in 1985, HSBC Main Building is undoubtedly a landmark of Hong Kong. The building is located at 1 Queen's Road Central, next to Statue Square. HSBC management confirmed the plan of reconstruction in 1978 to increase the gross floor area of the headquarters. British architect Norman Foster’s design outmatched the other six proposals and was selected for this challenging project. Due to site limitations, Mr. Foster placed the supporting facilities including elevators, stairs and lavatories to the east and west wings. Together with the suspension trusses, the new building succeeded in creating column-less working spaces facing north and south with spectacular view of Victoria Harbour. The ground floor of the building is open to public. The escalator guides customers into the banking hall on first floor, yet appreciating the day-lit ten-storey atrium, flanked with open-plan offices. HSBC Main Building has been honoured with countless awards and is one of the most recognised buildings across the globe.


文及攝影:李培基 (香港註冊建築師)