Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Aberdeen Shelter

1976, Commercial 商業建築

Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang

Floating restaurant first appeared in Aberdeen the year after the war. Its origin is reportedly floating restaurants run by fishermen community living on boats. In the beginning, Tai Pak Floating Restaurant has the biggest scale, followed by Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Visitors arriving on shuttle ferries are welcomed by the two golden dragon statues winding around the columns at the entrance, as well as water features highlighting dragon statues with pearls. Inside the restaurant, there is a grand staircase beneath a huge decorative mural, connecting the lobby with the three storeys above. The restaurant adopts a balanced layout. The main hall is located on the third floor, with banquet halls occupying all the other floors. An outdoor restaurant is situated on the fourth floor. Visitors can pick and purchase their seafood from the fishing pond located on the first floor. The kitchen is set up on a separate barge, connected to the restaurant with a footbridge. Jumbo Floating Restaurant represents the culinary culture of Hong Kong and the city’s splendid history in catering industry.


文及攝影:梁綺穎 (香港建築文物保護師學會會員)