Hong Kong City Hall

1962, Government 政府建築

5 Edinburgh Place

Architect: Alan Fitch及Ron Philips

Originally designed by Gordon Brown, the Head of Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong together with his team, Hong Kong City Hall is aimed to serve the mass public, unlike the Old City Hall with a social class focus. For certain reasons, the design was finally completed by Alan Fitch and Ron Philips. Hong Kong City Hall started operation in 1962 and gradually became a cultural landmark of the city.

Designed and constructed in Bauhaus style, Hong Kong City Hall is an architecture emphasizing functionality and simplicity. Manifesting beauty of simplicity - two cubes and one square - the high block, the low block and the Memorial Garden, Hong Kong City Hall is the best demonstration of modern architecture in town. In 1922, riding on its 30th anniversary, Hong Kong City Hall was renovated. The Memorial Garden was redesigned by Architectural Services Department. The concept of centreline was adopted to strengthen the importance of the Shrine. Segregating area of motion and happiness, and area of solemnity and peace the functionality of the Garden was enhanced.

這座真正為香港人興建的香港大會堂,原是由香港大學建築系系主任哥頓布朗及其團隊設計,由於種種原因,最後由Alan Fitch及Ron Philips接手完成,於一九六二年啟用,從此成為香港的文化地標。


文:馮永基 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)