Main Campus, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1960s)

1960, Institutional 機構建築

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
新界沙田 香港中文大學

Architect Firm: 司徒惠建築工程師事務所

Constructed on the hill facing Tolo Harbour with a fine view of Pat Sin Leng at a distance, the main campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong offers students a stunning scenery and serenity for studies. The original campus site in Ma Liu Shui was a granite quarry for the main dam of Plover Cove Reservoir. Master development plan of the Main Campus was designed by Szeto, Wai & Partners. The campus’ main structures were appropriately placed on several platforms built against the landscape. Despite his engineering background, Szeto Wai was an art lover and a photography enthusiast, who flexed his artistic touch on the University Administration Building, Institute of Chinese Studies, the library, the Science Center, the campus of New Asia College and United College. The design of Szeto Wai is simple yet compelling, with a strong emphasis on proportions and details. The scale of architectural concrete used intensified the impact of architectural space and structures, a unique manifestation of the late modernist architecture.


文:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)