So Uk Estate

1958, Vernacular 民間建築及屋邨

Po On Road

Architect Firm: 甘洺建築師樓 (Eric Cumine)

So Uk Estate was constructed in early 1957 on a site originally being squatter area and farmland. The Estate of 16 blocks were completed successively in 5 phases. So Uk Estate was a master collection of many outstanding architects in the era of 1950s to 60s. Eric Cumine spearheaded the overall master plan, while architects including Szeto Wai, Luke Him Sau, Chau & Lee as well as Leigh and Orange Ltd. contributed to various individual blocks of design. This arrangement contributed to the difference in architectural style of each section. Y-shaped, T-shaped and traditional slab form buildings were distributed on platforms of different levels, forming a lively, undulating compound with buildings of different heights. Although designs of the residential units were standard and simple, they came in a variety of sizes, enabling a wider range of locals to find their new homes in So Uk Estate. The demolition of this classic symbol of public housing estate commenced in 2010, marking the end of its honourable journey.

蘇屋邨是屋宇建設委員會繼北角邨和西環邨之後的第三個公共房屋項目。蘇屋邨原址是寮屋和農田,1957年初興建,工程分五期落成,全部共有16幢樓宇,提供約六千個單位。整個項目於1960年至1963年間完成。而蘇屋邨可說是香港1950-1960年代精英建築師的一個作品集。總體規劃由甘洺負責,各期的設計由司徙惠,陸謙受,周李建築工程師、利安顧問有限公司 (Leigh & Orange Ltd.)等分區設計,所以每期的風格有異。Y型,T型,傳統一字板式等塔樓分佈在高低不同的台階上,形成一個高低起伏錯落有序的建築體量關係,因此大部份單位能有南向海景。單位的設計雖然簡單,以標準化為主,但面積選擇較多,能為較寬的社會層面提供入住機會。一代公屋經典於2010年開始清拆,完成光榮歷史任務。