State Theatre (formerly Empire Theatre)
皇都戲院 (前璇宫戲院)

1952, Commercial 商業建築

King's Road

Architect: G.G.Grey

When you pass by the junction of King’s Road and Tin Chong Street on Hong Kong Island, it is almost impossible to miss the unique building on the corner - State Theatre (Formerly Empire Theatre). Several parabola arched structures are settled on its roof. In 1952 when Empire Theatre first opened, it was considered very avant-garde how the roof was lifted from the top with exposed structural parts. It was also the first theatre with indoor parking in Hong Kong. Empire Theatre had three floors with over a thousand seats. The ground floor was used as the carpark. Its exterior walls were constructed in Art Deco style by architect G.G.Grey. The structure was turned into State Theatre in 1959, and it is now transformed into a building for other commercial purposes. This architecture truthfully reflects the workmanship and technique of the era when it was built. Rarely seen in Hong Kong nowadays, State Theatre (Formerly Empire Theatre) is exceptionally valuable.


文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)
相片:吳啟聰提供 (香港註冊建築師)