Bank of China Building

1951, Commercial 商業建築

2A Des Voeux Road Central

Architect Firm: 巴馬丹拿集團 P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd

Bank of China Building, situated next to HSBC Main Building, was completed in 1950. It was once the headquarters of Bank of China in Hong Kong. Designed by the same architects who also handled the headquarter in Shanghai, Luke Him Sau and Palmer & Turner, Bank of China Building shares a similar design with its Shanghai counterpart. The seventeen-storey building is supported by steel channel structure with granite exterior walls. Featuring vertical lines on its external façade, the building demonstrates typical Art Deco architectural style, with Chinese ornamental elements reflected in the details. Two stone lion statues in Art Deco style with unique appearances are placed at the entrance in the east. The metal doors and windows at the entrance of lobby are full of decorative patterns, which are rarely seen in Hong Kong.

位於中環滙豐銀行總行旁的舊中國銀行大廈,於1950年落成,曾是中國銀行的香港總部。設計與上海的總行十分相似,原來建築師同樣是陸謙受及巴馬丹拿(Palmer & Turner)。樓高17層的舊中國銀行大廈,鋼支架結構,外牆以花崗石鋪砌。外立面以垂直向上的線條為主,是典型的裝飾藝術建築風格設計。在各細部均帶有一些中國裝飾元素。在東面入口有兩尊以裝飾藝術手法設計,外形獨特的石獅子拱衞。大堂入口的金屬門窗,充滿豐富裝飾圖案,在香港難得一見。

文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)