Lui Seng Chun

1931, Vernacular 民間建築及屋邨

119 Lai Chi Kok Road

Situated at the junction of Lai Chi Kok Road and Tong Mi Road, Kowloon, Lui Seng Chun was completed in 1931. The four-storey shophouse was originally built as a private mansion, with residences on upper floors and shops including "Lui Seng Chun Pharmacy" selling Chinese bone-setting medicines housed on the ground floor. Designed by architect W.H. Bourne, Lui Seng Chun’s large arcades and façades demonstrated a perfect mix of classic and art deco design, bringing out the essence of Hong Kong architectural style which integrates the east and west. The house became vacant in the 1970s. Descendants of the Lui's family generously donated the building to the Government for heritage conservation in 2003. The building was included in Batch I of the “Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme” in 2008, where Hong Kong Baptist University revitalised the mansion into a Chinese Medicine and Healthcare Center. With restoration works completed in early 2012, Lui Seng Chun was rated Grade I Historic Building.

雷生春於1931年落成。位於九龍荔枝角道及塘尾道交界。原為私人大宅,樓高四層,上居下鋪,其中一鋪為售賣跌打藥酒的「雷生春大藥房」。它的大騎樓及揉合了古典及藝術裝飾風格的外立面設計,反映了香港中西合壁的建築風格,建築師為波彌 (W.H.Bourne) 。大宅於70年代開始空置,雷氏後人於2003年將大宅無償捐贈予政府作保育用途。2008年獲納入第一期活化歷史建築夥伴計畫,香港浸會大學將大宅活化成中醫藥診所及保健中心。複修工程於2012年初竣工,歷史建築評級為一級。

文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:李浩然 (香港大學建築學院建築學系建築文物保護課程主任)