The School House, St. Stephen's College

1930, Institutional 機構建築

22 Tung Tau Wan Road

Situated at Stanley, Hong Kong Island, the School House of St. Stephen's College was completed in 1930. The main building is an H-shape structure with 2 to 3-storeys. On ground level there was a chapel and an assembly hall, while the dormitories of students and housemasters were housed on the second floor. The building was constructed with external walls of granite on the ground floor and plain rendered brick walls on the upper floor, topped with concrete pitched roof. The original roofs were made of Chinese tiles, which were replaced by patching mat in the 1980s. With Palmer & Turner as its architect, the School House was built in Art and Craft style. In Christmas Day of 1945, Japanese troops carried out a massacre on the School House. The building became part of the Japanese Internment Camp during the Japanese Occupation. It resumed its role in education in the post-war period. The assembly hall was reconstructed into a library and the building became a declared monument in Hong Kong in 2011

位於港島赤柱的聖士提反書院書院大樓,1930年落成。大樓樓高兩至三層,平面呈H狀。地下是教室及禮堂,樓上是學生及舍監宿舍。地下的外牆以花崗石舖砌,樓上是磚牆批盪,混凝土斜頂結構。屋頂原來鋪設中式瓦片,1980年代以防水蓆代替。美術工藝 (Art & Crafts) 建築風格,建築師是巴馬丹拿(Palmer & Turner)。1945年聖誕日在大樓內,發生了日軍屠殺事件。日佔期間成為赤柱集中營其中一部分,戰後繼續作為學校用途。禮堂於1993年改建為圖書館,2011年列為法定古蹟。

文及攝影:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)