King's College

1926, Institutional 機構建築

63A Bonham Road

King’s College was established in 1926. Situated at Bonham Road in Mid-levels, the College has been an academic landmark with its signature red brick walls and facade of granite columns. Since its completion over 80 years ago, the site was commandeered for use as a military camp and hospital for the British military and later as supply replenishment depot for Japanese forces during the occupation.

The building was shattered and destroyed in war, and was later restored with additional portions. With a rectangular playground at the centre, the compound comprises of the east, west and north wings and a newly built wing in recent years. Built on a sloping terrain, the south wing verandah shields student activities from stormy weather. The dainty school garden at the lower ground level facing Bonham Road enriches the school environment. King’s College is one of the few surviving pre-war government school buildings in Hong Kong, and is continuing its mission in fostering elites in Hong Kong today.


文:李培基 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:林社鈴 (建築署高級屋宇保養測量師/文物保育)