Queen's Pier

1925, Streetscapes, Landscapes & Infrastructural Facilities 街貌、景觀及基礎建設

Edinburgh Place

Queen’s Pier was first constructed next to Statue Square as a government pier. It was reconstructed in 1953 and became part of the modern architectural compound formed by Queen’s Pier, Star Ferry Pier, City Hall and its carpark. Times were difficult and material was scarce in the 1950s, Queen’s Pier adopted a pragmatic design. Built in then popular modern architecture style, Queen’s Pier was strictly a concrete structure with cylindrical columns supporting a roof. As Queen’s Pier was later made accessible to the public, it transformed into a recreational open space for romantic strolls or public who would like to enjoy serenity by taking a walk, fishing or simply enjoying the harbour view. It was a perfect example that an outstanding public space is not necessarily an architecture with elaborate and complex design. With a central location echoing with its surrounding environment, buildings too will contribute to fond memories of generations.

皇后碼頭前身位於皇后像廣場傍,初時為官用碼頭。1953年重建後和天星碼頭、大會堂及停車場組織成一個香港現代建築的群體。50年代物資短缺,設計以實用為主,加上當時崇尚現代主義風格,所以皇后碼頭只是一個混礙土的構造物,以圓柱支撐着結構頂板而已。但開放的皇后碼頭卻成為市民大眾的休憩、談情、散步、釣魚、觀海的hea 地方。可見一個傑出的公共空間其實也不需在設計上大費周章。只需位置適中,和周邊環境能產出互動共鳴,便能成為一代回憶。

文及攝影:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)