Old Repulse Bay Hotel

1920, Commercial 商業建築

109 Repulse Bay Road (The Repulse Bay residental community currently)
香港淺水灣淺水灣道109號 (現為影灣園)

Old Repulse Bay Hotel, the first resort hotel in Hong Kong, was completed in 1920. The hotel was designed by Denison, Ram & Gibbs and constructed in colonial architectural style in bricks and tiles. The Hotel consisted of a two-storey main building and two accommodation blocks at its left and right. It the front of the main building there was a step connecting Repulse Bay Road, a circular fountain at the entrance of car park and two grand staircases at the sides of the entrance. The restaurant was located at the verandah and there were indoor bar and club. In the famous novel “Love in a Fallen City” written by Eileen Chang, Old Repulse Bay Hotel is one of the key set locations. In 1982, the hotel was demolished and reconstructed. Designed by KNW Architects & Engineers Limited, the exterior of the main building and the restaurant in verandah were rebuilt to replicate the original structures. The reconstruction was completed in 1988.

香港首個度假酒店,於1920年落成。磚瓦結構,具殖民地建築風格,由甸尼臣藍及刼士(Denison, Ram & Gibbs)建築師樓設計。以樓高兩層的主樓及分佈左右的住宿樓組成。主樓正面有大梯級連接淺水灣道、入口停車處有一圓形噴水池、主入口兩旁有大樓梯,主樓的外廊是餐廳,其他室內地方有酒吧及會所。張愛玲著名的小說〈傾城之戀〉,便是以此作為重要的場景。1982年酒店被拆缷重建,由關吳黄建築師.工程師有限公司,將舊酒店的主座外貌及前廊餐廳重新仿造,1988年完工。

文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)