Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Bridges Street Centre

1918, Institutional 機構建築

51 Bridges Street

Architect: Stattck及Hussey

The YMCA Centre located on Ladder Street was built in 1918. Constructed in red bricks and concrete, the six-storey building with flat roof was the main gathering place for local Chinese in the early 20th century. Designed by American architect Harry Hussey, the premise integrated American Chicago School architectural style with Chinese features including green glazed tiled roofs. Local architects of Weaser & Raven executed the constructed work. The premises was equipped with modern facilities at the time, including the first indoor swimming pool in Hong Kong, which is still in operation today. The indoor sports playground with a jogging track is the only remaining wooden track in the city. The notable Chinese writer Lu Hsun once lectured in the building in 1927. In 1953, the city’s first group wedding ceremony took place in this premises as well. In 2009, the Centre was declared Grade 1 Historic Building and it is currently a community centre and a shelter workshop.

1918年落成的青年會,位於港島樓梯街。樓高六層平屋頂,紅磚及混凝土結構。是廿十世紀初華人聚會的主要場所。美國建築師Harry Hussey設計,揉合了美國芝加哥建築風格及中式琉璃瓦建築元素,香港建築師Weaser & Raven 執行興建。它具有全港第一個室內游泳池,至今仍在使用。圍繞着室內運動場的鑊型跑道,更是全港碩果僅存的木製跑道。1927年魯迅曾在大禮堂演講,1935年全港第一次集體婚禮,亦在此舉行。2009年被列為一級歷史建築,現用作社區中心及庇護工場。

文及攝影:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)