Main Building, The University of Hong Kong

1912, Institutional 機構建築

Pok Fu Lam Road

Architect: 利安顧問有限公司 (Leigh & Orange Ltd.)

Adjoining Bonham Road and Pokfulam Road, the Main Building of the University of Hong Kong was completed in 1912. Constructed on a platform, the compound has two to three levels, built in a layout that resembles a set of four squares embodying four internal courtyards. Surrounded by lecture halls and office units, the centrally located Loke Yew Hall was an important venue housing major ceremonies of the University. A stone staircase was constructed to connect the hall with the entrance lobby on the lower level. There is a tower in the middle of the compound and two smaller turrets at the corners. The exterior walls were constructed with red bricks, coupled with granite colonnades and creamy rendering. Designed by Leigh & Orange Ltd., the building is an institutional colonial architecture constructed in typical Edwardian style. Throughout the years, many renowned historical personalities visited this compound which was declared a monument in 1984.

香港大學本部大樓於1912年落成,位於港島中半山般含道與薄扶林道旁。樓高二至三層,座落於台階之上。呈田字型,有四個合院,四旁為講室及辦公室。正中的陸佑堂是當年大學舉行重要典禮的地點。有石級大樓梯,連接禮堂及下層的入口大堂。建築中央有一塔樓,兩旁轉角處亦各有一座較小的塔。外牆是紅磚配以石柱外廊及米白色批蘯,充滿書院氣味,是典型的愛德華時期的殖民地式建築。建築師是利安顧問有限公司 (Leigh & Orange Ltd.),很多歷史名人曾經到訪,1984年列為法定古蹟。

文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:李浩然 (香港大學建築學院建築學系建築文物保護課程主任)