Rosary Church

1904, Religious 宗教建築

125 Chatham Road South
九龍尖沙咀漆咸道南 125 號

The century-old Rosary Church in Tsim Sha Tsui was established as a place for mass for Catholic British soldiers stationed in Kowloon. Built at the site of the former Canossian Convent, Rosary Church was constructed with the donation by Portuguese Catholic Dr. Anthony Simplicio Gomes. Despite several times of renovation and alteration in the last century, the appearance of Rosary Church has remained the same throughout the years. Faithful to the design of traditional Catholic Churches, Rosary Church was built with a cross-shape layout. Baptistery, main alter and holy place are built along the central axis, separating the church into two symmetrical halves. The roof with timber trusses and stained glass remain in good condition. While design of the front door and main façade depicted simplicity, a touch of Gothic architectural style had been added with basic Gothic motifs including pointed arches, buttresses and pinnacles. Rosary Church is a Grade 1 historic building and also a fine example of renovated historic structure in Hong Kong.

尖沙咀玫瑰堂已超過一百年歷史,目的是為駐九龍英兵中的天主教徒提供彌撒埸所。教堂原址為嘉諾撒修院, 由葡萄牙籍教友甘曼斯博士出資興建。 百年來曾修葺改建數次, 但至今仍保留早期面貌, 設計秉承天主教堂傳統,平面呈十字型, 聖洗池、主祭台、聖所在中軸線上,兩旁對稱。教堂室內的木桁架屋頂,彩色玻璃保持良好。教堂正門和主立面樸素簡約,只有畧畧模仿哥德式建築中的尖拱、飛扶壁、塔樓等基本元素。玫瑰堂是一級歷史建築,也是本港復修舊建築的典範。

文及攝影:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)