The Hong Kong Club Building

1897, Institutional 機構建築

3A Chater Road (New Hong Kong Club)
香港中環遮打道3號A (現為新香港會所)

Architect: 巴馬丹拿(Palmer & Turner)

The Old Hong Kong Club Building was completed in 1897 and was located at the junction of Chater Road and Jackson Road. It was a venue accessible exclusively for foreigners especially the British for social gatherings. It was also a prominent centre for political and commercial activities, providing fine dining and business services to government officials, rich merchants and renowned personalities. It did not serve Chinese in its early days. The four-storey building was constructed in Victorian architectural style, with a protruding stone arched chamber at the main entrance of its front façade, a balcony at higher floor and towers on its left and right. Designed by Palmer & Turner, the structure impressed its visitors with a solemn ambience. As its maintenance cost was extremely steep, members of the club agreed to demolish and reconstruct the building. In spite of opposition from conservation parties, Old Hong Kong Club Building was torn down and rebuilt in 1981.

舊香港會大樓位於遮打道與昃臣道交界,1897年落成。是外國人尤其是英國人社交娛樂的地方,為政府高官,富商及知名人事,提供高級飲食及商務服務,是重要的政治及商業交活動流中心,早期是不招待華人。樓高四層的建築,属維多利亞式建築風格,正面中央主入口有凸出的石拱門廳,上面為露台,兩側有塔樓,營造了莊嚴的氣氛,由巴馬丹拿(Palmer & Turner)設計。後因維修費用巨大,會員贊成拆卸重建。當時有保育團體提出反對拆卸,最終反對無效,1981年被清拆重建。

文:林中偉 (香港註冊建築師)