University Hall, The University of Hong Kong

1896, Institutional 機構建築

144 Pok Fu Lam Road

Architect: Douglas Lapraik

The historical and legendary University Hall was first named Douglas Castle. Built by Scottish businessman Douglas Lapraik in 1861, the building was his residence and company headquarter. The French Mission bought the castle in 1894 and renamed it Nazareth House. The building was altered with the design by Leigh & Orange Ltd. and transformed into an edifice with a blend of Tudor and Gothic architectural styles. Extension works were carried out to add a printing house to the site for the missionary works of Bethanie nearby. The site was acquired by the University of Hong Kong in 1956. Donald Liao Poon-huai, local architect and alumnus of HKU redesigned and altered the building into University Hall as a residence for male students. The cast iron spiral staircase made in Paris was kept and statues that frightened every student were added, which later became the origin of a mysterious story behind this century-old edifice.

滿載着歷史和傳說的大學堂,原名杜格拉斯堡,於一八六一年由蘇格蘭商人杜格拉斯.林柏建成,作為其公司總部及寓所。法國外方傳道會於一八九四年購入,易名為拿撒勒樓,由利安顧問有限公司 (Leigh & Orange Ltd.) 設計,進行大規模重建,建立一座揉合了都鐸及哥德式的建築。教會還加建了一所印刷工場,以配合鄰居伯大尼修院的傳道工作。香港大學於一九五六年入主,由本地建築師、港大校友廖本懷設計,改成大學堂男生宿舍,除了保留了教會在巴黎鑄造的螺旋式樓梯,還加入了讓一眾「港大仔」望而生畏的「四不像」,帶給這百歲建築多一層神秘面紗。

文:洪彬芬 (香港註冊建築師)
攝影:吳啟聰 (香港註冊建築師)